Getting here and from:

There is the train going to Vestby train station. From here there is bus corresponding that take you down to the fjord and Hvitsten.

Notice that you have to book your seat in the bus the day before you want to travel with it. It´s a very limited offer, and there is no bus after 19.00 on Friday and no bus to/from Vestby or Hvitsten on Saturday or Sunday. 

Timetable train

Timetable and info on the bus. Bus Nr 531.

We recommend that you bring your bicycle on the train. It´s only a 7km trip from Vestby on a very nice road, down to Hvitsten.

Coming with car:

E6 to Vestby exit nr 16 (Vestby). Take a right in the first round about, then first right at Vestby Church. Then it is a 8 km drive to Hvitsten. Parking will be here (50m from Furukollen 10) and here (at the start of the Art Walk). 


Nordre Braanen, just close to the Art Walk on Emmerstad is here, and a beautiful place for camping. There is utedo here, but bring fresh water.

Or Bed and Breakfast outside of Airbnb company, call directly to Bente and Pål: +47 64955142 and +47 90833936

In Vestby 7km away: Vestby Hyttepark


We will serve delicious, affordable food, also vegan, at Furukollen 10. From 16.00 - 22.00

Breakfast and lunch is available at Bilvrakhotellet in Hvitstenveien 58.

There is also a kiosk at the pub that is open on Saturday and Sunday between 13 and 16.

There is no grocery store in Hvitsten!


Hvitsten Salong is an open air festival with no fences, therefore we put a lot of trust in you, our beautiful audience, and that you show respect for Hvitstens inhabitants, nature and surroundings. However there is some rules we need to adresse. Because of the risk for forrest fire, it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to have an open fire, in whole of Hvitsten. Including the campsite, beach and forrest.

No smoking in the forrest! 

No drugs!

No camping, except on the designated camping site in Hvitsten.

We have governmental permission to sell beers and wine at Furukollen 10, so dont bring your own here, please!

Well, you are a grown up now, if you ACT like it, there will be only smiles :)


From one of the guided tours during the festival 2018.


One of Hvitstens beaches.


View towards Hvitstens boathouses, from the 18th century.