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Artist Residency in Hvitsten

Situated in beautiful and calm surroundings down by the Oslo fjord in Hvitsten we offer an in- and outdoor studio with possibilities for many different art forms, tool shop and sound studio. We want to be a safe space for artists to contemplate, work and develop ideas and engage with local artists and the community. At times we want the residence house itself to be open for public with different kind of activities; artist talks, exhibitions, concerts etc.

In 2023 we started a cooperation with Safemuse (NO) and Wrocław Institute of Culture (Wrocław/PL). Our goal in this particular residence program is to exchange artists in Norway and Poland that have difficulties reaching an audience or just to perform their occupation as artists, due to their status as a minority or/and due to lack of artistic freedom, threats or censorship.


Artists are chosen by open calls and will stay for at least a month. Here they will also be given opportunities to participate in workshops, exhibition at Hvitsten Salong and other cooperation’s with artists and institutions, all coordinated by our local coordinator living in Hvitsten.

There will also be times when the residency is inhabited by artists from the local area.

atelier 2.png

Atelier at Bjørlien school.


Artistic director Jon Lundell at the opening of the festival 2018.


Consert at Hvitsten church.

Piotr Nowak.png

Sculpture by Piotr Nowak along the art walk, 2018.


Atelier at Kittelsenhuset.

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