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Open call for artistic residency in Wroclaw, Poland, 2023

We invite artists to apply for the residency exchange "Whose voices are being heard?" organized by the Wrocław Institute of Culture (Wrocław/PL), Hvitsten Salong (Hvitsten/NO) and Safemuse (Oslo/NO). The project benefits from funding received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA funds. The artistic residency exchange between Poland and Norway, aims to equalize opportunities and visibility for artists belonging to minorities, creating safe and inclusive spaces for artistic work. It focuses on integrating foreign and minority artists living in Poland and Norway into the mainstream of cultural and artistic life

in these countries.

In 2023, six artists from Poland will have the opportunity to go on a month-long residency in Hvitsten and take part in the local art and music festival Hvitsten Salong 2023, and six artists from Norway will be invited to the Wrocław Institute of Culture (WIK) and participate in a closing exhibition in autumn 2023. In Hvitsten, there will also be one artist at risk chosen from outside the Schengen area, staying for a longer period. All artists will be supported by curators, in the adaptation, research and creative process.

The application is open until February 6th.

When will the residencies take place?   

The residencies will take place from spring to autumn 2023, on dates agreed between the selected artists and the hosting organizations.


Who can apply?

The call is aimed at artists, focusing especially (but not exclusively) on female artists that are migrants or belong to minority groups, at different stages of their career:

→ representing various fields of contemporary art (mainly visual arts, but also performing arts and others)

→ living or residing in Norway, including foreign artists living in Norway 

→ who wants to go for a month-long residency in Wrocław, in 2023 and show their work at the residency closing exhibition in autumn 2023 in Wrocław. Detailed dates of the residency are agreed with WIK.

→ who are interested in themes related to migration, inclusion, majority-minority relations, engaged art, art made in public space, the role of the artist and art in society and social change.

How to submit the application?

To apply for the residency, please send by e-mail, in English:  

→ a portfolio in .pdf format and a CV (max. 10 MB) in English;  

→ answers to the questions: Why would you like to participate in the project?

What would you like to work on during your residency? What topics move you most in your artistic work?  (1,500-2,000 characters with spaces)


Selected artists will receive a fee, and accommodation. They will work with a local curator and will have the opportunity to create in a safe environment and to learn about the cultural life Poland and Wroclaw. In addition, the project "Whose voices are being heard?" offers an educational component for artists with the aim of professionalizing their work. The artist will work in an international environment and will have the chance to learn about the work of the host institution and the local community. The project is carried out in collaboration with the NGO Safemuse, which supports artists at risk. 




The Wroclaw Institute of Culture is a legacy organization preparing and implementing for the Wrocław European Capital of Culture 2016. Today it continues to run activities focusing on creating and co-creating artistic, cultural

and educational programs for different communities. situated between artistic - cultural and educational, focused on co-creating and art animation for different communities. The AiR program supports mobility of artists of different fields to develop their artistic praxis.

WIK wants to be a bridge between the institutional field of culture and active citizens, creators, artists and the non-governmental sector. We create opportunities for cooperation, test new formats of activities, identify and research trends and support innovative, non-commercial artistic and cultural initiatives.

We are an institution with a flexible and agile programming structure which can be easily adapted to the challenges posed by a dynamically changing world. In our program we focus on such areas as: competences, support, networking.


Hvitsten Salong is an art institution run by artists and professionals from the world of art and culture. With its experience in organizing artistic events, including the Hvitsten Salong art and music festival, and its cross-sectoral approach, the institution contributes to the development and creation of innovative solutions for culture. It reaches a wide and diverse audience by exhibiting art in Hvitsten's public spaces. They also include an educational program for children and young people.


Safemuse was founded on the initiative of several art organizations in Norway with the purpose of protecting artistic freedom, the role of the artist in society and creating an international solidarity initiative. Through it, Safemuse has been running artist residencies for artists at risk from different countries since 2014. Safemuse creates a network of Norwegian cultural institutions and organizations and an international network working on this theme. Safemuse has so far organized a series of events on freedom of artistic expression; Artistic Freedom Week / Music Freedom Day;  SAFE, a series of films and meetings with endangered artists; and is co-founder and fiscal sponsor of SH|FT – Safe Havens Freedom Talks running the Safe Havens conference - a global networking conference on art, culture, human rights, artistic freedom and Freedom Talks series. Safemuse will coordinate participation of the artist at risk staying for six months in the Hvitsten residency.

The deadline for submissions is 6th of February, 2023. Send your application by email to: and with the following title: NAME - Whose voices are being heard?


“Whose voices are being heard? Exchange program for foreign artists from Poland and Norway” is co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 under the Culture Program. 

Open Call 2023
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Whose voices are being heard?

Exchange program for foreign artists from Poland and Norway.

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